Compound Bows Bear Archery first shot youth bow set : Users Review

The bear Archery 1st shot bow  According to buyers   Bear Archery first  shoot youth set  bow mainly  attract childrens
 5 to 13 years childrens most prefers this  bow set
waight  , height and length  : 14* to 16* dra length , 7-13 lb  draw waight  and 7 brace height
The black grip makes  compatible to handle and use and compatible for both left handers ,right handers the set come 2
glasses , arrows

Drawbacks  : One of the biggest problem with this bow isn't strong to shoot the arrows straight
 The bows rubber handle was placed way too high causing the arrow placement not centered and below 6 years childrens
 has some problems, not too easy to pull back the arrows dont have sharp pointsand
must remember wash hands after each use because product made of material causes  cancer
they cont make out something safe for chaild becarefull

 except that problems every thing fine  people happy to buying this set the cost value of this set
 21 $ is  positive to buyers  my rating this bow set 3 out of 5