TRS likely dump Congress doctored Tealgnana bill

The victory of the BJP in the four state assembly polls  is a god  send to the TRS  which was driven to wall ahd also being blackmailed by the congress to accept what ever it offered.

It now appears that the TRS and K Chandrasekhar Rao had made the right judgement .And so did the CM Kiran Kumar Reddy about the rout of the Congress . Now TRS chief can dictate terms to the Congress party and even congress president Sonia Gandhi.

With its all round defeats at Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and  face saving at Chattisgarh  the Congress might find it difficult to pursue the Telagnana bifurcation task . But the only solace is that BJP is not averse to Telangana but might place hurdles in the process and might force the  Congress to put the Telangana bifurcation on the back burner so that it could take full advantage after 2014 elections.

Sources in TRS  said that  KCR plans  to write to Sonia Gandhi  and also GoM on his reservations on Governor's rule  in Hyderabad and also other issues. Congress high command also would make some amends for the Telangana bill.Now KCR will swing his loyalty to NDA and BJP and rather than the Congress and can also ignore the Congress demand for merger of TRS, said a political analyst.